The United States Online Dating Real Girl vs. Fake Girl.

How to know who is real and fake in online dating.

Real Girl -:

Just give her number & tell you call her. Then you can book her by phone.

She’ll share her address and rates on phone, Simple. But a real girl never meets up for free. You need to pay money to meet up with her. But a real girl never asks advanced money.

Fake Girl -:

A fake girl never talks with you over the phone. She just texts with you. A fake person is trying to make you fool. She’ll send you a link and tell you that sign up on her personal website. But remember don’t do that. It’s a scam. A fake send you 18+ pictures. But that’s not herself.

So this the way to know who is fake and who is real on online dating section.

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We made it for you guys who are finding girl on online for dating.

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