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Levinho Biography

Levinho Biography
Levinho Biography

Brahim who is additionally referred to as Levinho in his Gaming channel.
He becomes popular after he started his youtube channel with a singular name “LEVINHO”.
This is one of the fastest-growing youtube gaming channels having nearly 5 million subscribers.
He mostly plays solo vs. squad.
He is the number 6 Pubg player within the world.
And He is from Sweden.
And he’s Muslim…..

Levinho real name is Ibrahim or Brahim. Now he’s 20 years old.
He doesn’t reveal his face on his channel,
But at the time of 1 random tournament,his one video clip is leaked during which his face revealed as you’ll watch his face during this video.

Levinho Net Worth & Earnings

He makes tons of cash from Super chat& YouTube ads.
His videos get around 1 million to 10 million views on the average . on average a YouTuber can earn $300-$2000 from ads for a YouTube video with about 1 million views.
Taking the typical earning from YouTube, he has made around $800,400 from YouTube ads.

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