Impress USA Girl

Impress An American Girl Use This 5 Trick.!

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Number 1. Dress to impress

Girls are like to make up and dress up. So, always praise them about it. Tell her you to look very good in this dress. And also an American girl like an honest hard worker person. You must be busy with your own job. USA Girls like this very much. And always wear good dress. And use good body spray. You can know to form her what’s her favorite smell.

Number 2. Ignore Your Phone

Never pick up your phone when you are talking with her. American girls hate this very much. So, be careful about your phone call. Try to make your phone silent. It’s better I think. But you can take some selfies with her. Every American girl likes that.

Number 3. Give Her Some Gift.

Every week or month give her some small gift. Like the ring, Teddy, flower, etc. USA Girls are impressed when someone gives them some gifts. And make a good relationship with her. Like this one day propose her “Hey Queen Of Beauty will you marry me “. If she like you too. She must agree with your proposal.

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usa girl love tips
usa girl love tips

Number 4. Go To Coffee Shop

Always try to spend your free time with her. Go to coffee shop for time pass. You can also go to restaurant, zoo, club.

Main point is eat something with her. And every week go to a uncommon place for travel. She really like that.

Number 5. Think Before You Tell

Never talk without thinking. Every single word before say. first think. what happen if i say that. He’ll happy or sad.

Never makes her sad. In my personal life. Once I make my girlfriend sad by mistake. And she starts crying. After that, she never talked with me. So, very careful about it. But you can do some jokes with her when your relationship will be more than one year.

Thank you very much for reading this post. Hope you enjoy this.

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