Emily Wittle Biography

Emily Wittle Biography

Emily Wittle is a character from “Bliss”, a 2021 American science fiction drama film written and directed by Mike Cahill.  A man whose life is in disarray meets a beautiful woman who tries to convince him he is living in a simulation.


The film is a sci-fi drama that follows Greg (Wilson) recovering from a recent divorce and dealing with a mental health crisis, as he, fueled by drugs and encouraged by his manic new friend, awakens his mind to the possibility of a new world, one in which he is a player in a simulation and his return to the “real” world is just a matter of shooting crystals up his nose.

Set in a vague, generic copy of our world, the film follows Greg as he struggles to focus on his job and loses track of his grown children (Nesta Cooper, More Lendeborg Jr.) who are at the end of their complicated rope with him as well. Greg doesn’t have the self-awareness to realize that, however. He can’t work because he frequently gets lost in thought or spends hours drawing stills of his “dream home”, leading to an inevitable termination at .

Weird things are happening. Seemingly real, solid items flicker like holograms. Greg inadvertently knocks his boss unconscious and ties him to the window without anyone noticing. Identical pedestrians on the street flit into existence, appearing through an invisible portal and continuing to march on like robots, one by one. None of it really makes sense until Greg meets Isabel (Hayek), a street grifter with “special powers” that allow her to make objects move. She lives in a bohemian hideout sheltered beneath crossing highway underpasses and “has a guy” who provides her with mysterious, comically large crystals.


Emily is Greg’s daughter.


Emily sees Greg getting sucked into a delusional existence powered by Isabel’s drugs. She doesn’t have many tools to bring Greg more fully into her reality, of course; just love and persistence. She scours the streets to find him. Once she does, Emily leaves her picture with him, with her phone number on the back. “Just call me when you’re ready,” she pleads. And Emily does her best to enlist the help of her brother, Arthur, too, even though Greg’s pulled him through the emotional wringer a few too many times for Arthur to get completely onboard with Emily’s attempt to save their dad.

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